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Quality Education through Personalized Learning. At Horizon Charter Schools (HCS) we believe every child can excel academically and personally. A Personalized Learning Plan (PLP) is developed for every child based on California Academic Content Standards and the child’s abilities, interests, and aptitudes. Students are largely responsible for their educational inquiry and pursuits.

Homeschool/Independent Study
HCS's focus is developing and implementing homeschool and independent study programs that expand educational opportunities for public school children. In the homeschool program, parents are the day-to-day teachers of their children under the guidance and support of a credentialed teacher. In the high school independent study program known as Additional Educational Support Services (AESS), students meet weekly or bimonthly with their supervising teacher and study independently on their own. Academic and elective classes are available for all grades in several locations and students may also enroll in private instruction. Distance learning is widely used and many field trips are offered. Special education services are provided to eligible students.

Credentialed Supervising Teachers
The schools employ highly qualified, state credentialed educators to work with parents and students to design and implement a PLP that fits the students’ learning styles and educational goals. Student instructional programs may be designed to prepare the students to continue their education at a college of their choice or to enter the workforce.

Educational Programs
HCS offer several types of programs for students:

  • Homeschool (K-12)
  • Independent Study (Gr. 9-12)
  • Lincoln Montessori Community Cooperative (K-8)
  • Learning Center Classes (Gr. K-12)
Support Services
HCS offer many support services including:
  • Special Education Services
  • Student Study Teams (SST)
  • Mentors/Tutors
  • Subject Matter Specialists in Math, English, History, and Science
  • High School Guidance Counselors
  • Learning Centers
  • Educational Materials
  • Vendor Course Instruction