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Benefits- Personal Choices Employee.  This website is designed to provide important benefit information and resources to help you make knowledgeable benefit decisions.

Credentials-  Credential Renewal may be done On-Line only!  Please refer to the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing website for the latest information regarding California requirements.

Leaves- If you think you may be in need of a leave from work please refer to your Employee Handbook or bargaining unit Agreement. Additionally, contact the HR department at 916.408.5265 and let us help guide you through the variety of different leave options that may be available to you. Click here for explanation of leaves

Workers Comp- Our Workers Compensation is provided by
Republic Indemnity Company of America
for any employee who is injured on the job. If you have incurred a workers comp injury, please contact your immediate Supervisor or HR department for paperwork and to make arrangements for any treatment needs. All injuries must be reported to the HR department at 916.408.5265