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Phone: 916.408.5225  email: lmcc@hcs.k12.ca.us

Unlike most of the programs offered by Horizon Charter Schools (HCS), Lincoln Montessori Community Co-Op (LMCC) is a campus/site-based program serving students in Kindergarten through 8th grade. Students attend all day Monday through Friday during regular school hours. All student instructional funds are combined within this program.

LMCC integrates the Montessori teaching and philosophy with California state standards to create a rich learning environment for all students. LMCC employs skillful and dedicated teachers, knowledgeable in the Montessori philosophy and methodology appropriate to the age level they are teaching. LMCC uses a diverse set of Montessori materials, activities, and experiences designed to foster physical, intellectual, creative, and social independence and exploration. The school’s class schedule allows for large blocks of uninterrupted time to problem solve throughout the day.

Each classroom is multi-grade, which fosters peer-teaching and spontaneous group interaction for cooperative learning and emotional development. Based on the Montessori teaching philosophy of children learning at their individual pace, students are taught within groups with same ability levels, as well as grade levels.

This is an educational option for those parents who want their children to obtain an academic education in a community-based environment. LMCC is a co-op, which combines instructional funds of all students to support the program and provides an avenue for parental involvement. Parent participation is an essential part of the school's success and an expected element from each family. 
"The child is both a hope and a promise for mankind", Dr. Maria Montessori

Lincoln Montessori Campus
LMCC Alumni Speaks….
~  “I’d like to thank LMCC for creating such a safe environment that I feel like I can be myself in and to the teachers for making all of the concepts fun and showing me that I could reach levels I never thought I could before.” KJ, Class of 2011
~    “The school atmosphere is warm and inviting. I enjoy all the time I spend there and my daughter is always eager to spend her day there too. The variety of parents that participate in daily activities provides me with encouragement that my child will be intrigued by a variety of interests and opinions. Our family is proud to be a part of Lincoln Montessori Coop.” Parent 2010

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