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Phone: Jeremy Ogzewalla @ 530.363.2864  Email: jogzewalla@hcs.k12.ca.us

Placerville Area offers Horizon Charter Schools' (HCS) students a unique opportunity to be part of an independent study program, participate in exclusive HCS local activities and field trips, and enroll in classes taught locally by HCS credentialed teachers.

Classes are available to all enrolled HCS students in grades K-12. This innovative program is based upon collaboration between students, parents, instructors, and Supervising Teachers to develop high quality, personalized educational plans for each individual student.

Core classes for students in grades 4-12 offer students an array of courses that cover all California content standards. Instructors of these classes provide all class instruction, assign all course work, and correct and grade all completed student assignments.

HCS are committed to academic excellence and as California public schools are held accountable for meeting adopted state standards and guidelines. As public charter schools, parents are not charged tuition or fees for any of our programs.

Parent volunteers are a valuable resource to the success of HCS. Committee members brainstorm and implement activities that will directly impact HCS students in the community. Please contact Placerville Area Coordinator Jeemy Ogzewalla if you are interested in being a member or assisting with activities. Your input is welcomed and your support greatly needed.